Frecuently asked questions

These are the most frequently asked questions of many people before joining our global network marketing. If you want more information, contact the person that introduced our business opportunity to you or contact us in our communication channels.
Merlim Network is a global business opportunity in which people join as Affiliates to commercialize our products and services, receiving commissions for their activity in our network.
Our multilevel network marketing (MLM) model is a binary structure composed by affiliates and clients. In this platform, an affiliate can commercialize Merlim Network's products and services and earn money in accordance with our Compensation Plan.
Affiliates can generate earnings in accordance with the Compensation Plan in seven (7) different ways: Direct sales commissions.
Residual commissions.
Percentage accumulation.
Balance bonus.
Earning by rank.
Business bonus.
Leadership bonus.
These are your business platforms. Business Bundles are packs with licenses of extended use and activation codes for mobile apps and which allow a person to be activated as a Merlim Network Affiliate.
It is very easy! You can register through following the steps on screen and entering the required information.
Any adult (older than 18 years old) can get activated as a Merlim Network Affiliate.
No. When you purchase a Business Bundle you only have commercial relations with Magitek, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Affiliation Contract and its annexes.